I am available for commissioned work; portraits, pets, weddings, events, family days, real estate,
and can be hired for a day / half day. 
In addition to taking photographs I offer a photo retouching / fixing service.

Graphic Design

I can design and supply a logo, business card, flyer, brochure, menu, or poster based on your requirements.
Photography Courses

If you'd like to learn more about taking photographs in a practical way rather than in a class room or from an online tutorial, let me know what you're struggling with and I will try and help you. The best way to learn photography is through practice; I can be there with you and guide you through the various settings to help you take better photographs with your camera/equipment.

Composition : leading lines, rule of thirds, rule of odds, frame within a frame, diagonals, symmetry
Camera modes : auto / aperture - depth of field / shutter speed - movement / manual 
Exposure triangle : aperture / shutter speed / ISO

Courses are tailored to the individual based on their knowledge, experience level, and what you are looking to achieve. 
They can be as short as an hour or spread out over several half/full days and can be done in your home, in a cafe/bar, or on location.

Prices - How Much?

Jobs are individually priced based on your requirements and then I use my experience to give an estimate on how much time will be needed adding in things like travelling/expenses. 
As a rough idea I have put together some prices below that cover everything; photography, editing/retouching, graphic design, and training. 
Hourly rate - please send me a message.
Half Day (4 hours) - €250
Full Day (8 hours) - €400
Weddings - each wedding is a unique experience with many things to consider; the location/venue, service/reception, number of guests, albums etc. Each of these variables will impact the price but generally wedding photography will be between €750 and €1,500 and albums are in the region of €75 - €300.
Please bear in mind that a photoshoot will require some post processing; even if all the photos are perfect the process of quality checking each image takes time.
Deliverables will be agreed before a quotation is given, for example, how many photos, edits, and re-edits you will receive.

Printing and Framing

Unfortunately I am unable to offer a printing or framing service but I can either recommend companies that provide these services or act as an agent on your behalf if you prefer assistance.

Please send me an email if you have any questions or comments and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Gift Vouchers

Why not buy a friend or loved one a gift voucher that can be used for any of the services I provide; either supplied as a value amount or for a specific service such as a photoshoot (this includes the shoot, post processing, retouching/editing of up to 6 photos, and digital supply of the final images)