Listed below are my photography qualifications
Some of the areas studied in detail to attain these qualifications include: 
Diploma of Professional Photography
Cameras and Lenses
Shutters, Apertures, and their relationships
Exposure and Metering
The Film and Digital Process
Light and Colour
Refining the Image Process
Equipment and Software
Retouching, Resolution, and Printing
Photography Business and Studio Essentials
How to Construct a Professional Portfolio

Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Lightroom
Getting Set Up with Photoshop
Layers and Masks
Colour Editing
Advanced Selections
Advanced Layers
Brush Tools Essentials
Complete Cosmetic Retouching
Working with Text and Shape Layers
Scale and Perspective
Photoshop Automation
Smart Objects and Smart Filters
Actions and Batch Processing
Sharpening and Output
Creative Editing
Precision Enhancements
Lens Corrections
Revealing Detail

Wedding Photography
Pre-Wedding Planning
The Day Begins
The Ceremony and Couple Shots
Group Shots
Candid and Evening Shots
Post Production and Wedding Workflow
Presentation Options

Perfect Portraiture
Portrait Photography Principles
What is a Portrait?
Portrait or Snap?
Portrait Lengths
Head & Shoulders
Three-Quarter Length
Full Length
Why Take Portraits?
Social Portraits
Editorial Portraiture
The Environmental Portrait
Corporate & Industrial Portraits
Publicity Portraits
Portrait Composition Principles
Make a Recognisable Image
Keep Eyes Sharp
Put Eyes at Eye Level
Keep Limbs Intact
Avoid Intrusive Objects
People Go Up – Not Across
Fill the Frame
The Rule of Thirds
Space to Look Into
Natural Frames
The Necessary Portrait Equipment
Cameras, Lenses, Lighting & Accessories
Choosing the Camera
Camera Features
Precise Focusing
Spot Metering
Auto Bracketing
Tough Shell
85mm Prime Lens
Medium to Long Telephoto Zoom Lens
Wide Angle to Medium Telephoto Zoom Lens
50mm Prime Lens
Camera Accessories
Battery Pack
Tripod & Monopod
Lighting Sources
Natural Light
Studio Flash Units
Continuous Lighting
On-Camera Flash Units
Lighting Accessories
Softboxes & Brollies
Snoots & Barn Doors
Panel Reflectors
Ambient Light & Flash Light Meters
Essential Skills on Camera
Take Control of Your Equipment
Exposure for Portraits
Exposure Compensation
Exposing for Daylight
Exposing for Continuous Light
Exposing for Studio light
Focusing for Portraits
How to use Light
Daylight – Outdoors
Augmented Daylight – Outdoors
Daylight – Indoors
Simple Studio Lighting With Diagrams
Low Key Lighting
High Key Lighting
Specialist Portraiture
Photographing Newborn Babies
Keep It Soft & Simple
The Contrasting View
Show Some Support
Photographing Children
One Eye Line Only
Get Down & Work Fast
Avoid Scary Things
Comfort Blankets & Toys
Keep Photographing
Photographing Families
Break It Down For Extra Sales
A Perfectly Composed Family
The Family Connection
Post Production
Image File Types & Software
Basic Development Processes